The Idea: Pet Link is a pioneer website that picks out for each person dog the ideal owner and proposes alternative forms of adoption.

Who is our audience:

We turn to the animal friend who wants a pet but does not know either how to choose it or where to find it. When it is acquired, we provide support and guidance with instructions, advice, and products. Our website solves this problem by connecting through the power of an algorithm and digital technology, pet lovers, animals, and related products.

How it works:

  • We connect with animal welfare organizations that host stray animals and create a database of pets that come with features defined in our algorithm. Organizations will have access to the application and will easily and quickly register all new animals, while removing those that have been adopted.
  • People who would like to give away their dogs because they can no longer support them will also have access to our website. This will prevent the abandonment of dogs.
  • The pet lover registers on our website (e-mail / password).
  • She/he completes a questionnaire that includes simple questions about the lifestyle, time, and space available for the pets, and her/his character.
  • Based on an algorithm developed in collaboration with experienced veterinarians, members of animal welfare organizations and a psychologist, we match the pet lover with the most suitable dogs.
  • The user will get a list of matching animals and will be able to automatically inform those who care for them of his desire to see them.
  • In addition, alternative forms of adoption (hospitality, virtual adoption, and physical adoption) will be offered on our website.

Furthermore there will be space for support and therapy dogs in our website.

If someone adopts a pet from our website, they will have special benefits from our sponsors.

Information for registered blood donors for other animals will also be available through the website.